Independent branding studio based in Madrid.


The creation of brands or their rebranding must come from human knowledge. From the understanding of what motivates us and the meanings we give to life, to the way we relate to each other. We are free-thinkers, mavericks and generous with our knowledge. We believe that the sum of ideas multiplies, and that together we will work to find solutions that let your brand stand out and stand the test of time.



The brands that permeate culture and remain current are plural and so are we. We are a multicultural and diverse team that gives great importance to human connection, establishing a great relationship with our clients guarantees the process enriches us both, achieving a result that drives beautiful growth to your business. Each conversation we have enriches us, each challenge motivates us, we live in constant movement and evolution.


The sum of experience in international branding consultancy.

Bárbara Plazas

Co-founder & Strategy Director

Álex López

Co-founder & Creative Director

Pedro Couto

Senior Strategy

Mateo Buitrago

Senior Designer

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